Book Introduction

God's Seven Covenants by Fire

For centuries the church in its various guises has claimed to understand the strategy that God has ordained for saving mankind. Threaded together from the fragments of stories in the lives of the Patriarchs and Christ. But what if this narrative has been wrong? In God’s Seven Covenants by Fire the dominant Covenant Theory view of God’s plan for saving mankind, is totally upturned by the discovery of a secret covenant key, which until now has laid undiscovered in the heart of the Bible. The revelation unlocked by this key will challenge the traditional Christian approach to faith and living a purposeful life in Christ.

Covenant thinking has rightly dominated our understanding of the Bible for centuries because of the view that our God is a covenant God. Yet there is no agreement about the relative importance of the myriad of covenants contained within the Bible, nor any agreement about the role of mankind in God’s plan for reconciliation. Is man a passive recipient (grace), an active participant (works) or an essential co-worker (joint-heir). In addition, many Christians view the Holy Spirit as an optional extra in the plan for salvation rather than the enabling partner in the Godhead.


The Mission

God’s Seven Covenants by Fire addresses these issues by revealing through exegesis, the secret covenant key contained within the biblical text and uncovers God’s intended purpose concerning these matters. It is hoped that the message of this book will strengthen the devotional lives of believers and galvanise them to greater evangelical activity based on love rather than denominational expansionism.

Professor Grafton Whyte has been anointed by the Holy Spirit to share this prophetic message with the Church of Jesus Christ. Grafton Whyte is a full professor with a PhD in Management from the UK, and has published over 40 academic papers. He has been director of two business schools and Chairman of the Association of African Business Schools.
Professor Whyte has been a Christian, Bible Teacher, and Pastor for over 40 years, who did his theological training at Spurgeon’s Bible College London.


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