What is the message of ‘God’s Seven Covenants By Fire?’

God, who has over the centuries revealed his plan for saving
mankind through biblical covenants, has in these last days
revealed his plan for the Christian believer through a hitherto
secret key in the Bible, we have identified as Covenants by
Some while back I was doing a series of teachings on Elijah
the prophet and enjoying every moment as I studied the
ministry of this amazing man of God. The prophet who God
answered by fire.
Then one night during my meditations, the Lord challenged
me with the question. How many times have I answered men
by fire? I was stopped abruptly in my thoughts as I tried to
recount the incidences in the Bible. I realised that I didn’t
know the answer, so began my research journey.
What I found exceeded my wildest expectations. I was filled
with a combination of excitement, awe and fear. Excitement
about the richness of message, in awe of the sovereign plan
of God hidden for ages and fear that somehow I had messed-
up and had missed something obvious.
Because I discovered that not only had God answered men
by fire on several occasions, all of those instances involved
men making sacrifices, God initiating a covenant and Him
signing-off that covenant by fire. There are exactly seven
covenants by fire in the Word of God.

I am a trained researcher, it is extremely exciting to discover
new knowledge in my area of expertise, management
science. As a born-again believer, it is doubly exciting to
break new ground in the area of Christian theology. I believe
the message of God’s Seven Covenants By Fire has the
potential to change the hotly contested discussion on biblical
covenants for decades to come.
The seven covenants I discovered in Scripture are:

  1. The Covenant of Blessing or Promise, with Abram and
    God answers by fire in Genesis 15:17.
  2. The Covenant of Redemption, with Moses and God
    answers by fire in Leviticus 9:24.
  3. The Covenant of Atonement, with David and God
    answers by fire in 1 Chronicles 21:26.
  4. The Covenant of the Spiritual House, with Solomon and
    God answers by fire in 2 Chronicles 7:1.
  5. The Covenant of God’s Purpose, with Elijah and God
    answers by fire in 1 Kings 18:38.
  6. The Covenant of the Holy Spirit, with the disciples and
    God answers by fire in Acts 2:3
  7. The Covenant of God’s Justice, with the believer and
    unbeliever, and God answers by fire in Leviticus 10:1
    and Numbers 16:35.
    The revelation of God’s covenants by fire is profound and life
    changing. To engage more deeply with this Biblical
    framework and understand its implication for your life, order
    the book through Amazon, God’s Seven Covenants By Fire by
    the author Grafton A. Whyte

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